Free First Interview

We offer, with no obligation, a free first interview for new clients of up to 1 hour. After the first hour, we may charge at the rate of £55.00 per hour for each additional hour or part.

Fees for Business Related Work

Hourly rates apply areas of work other than the fixed fee work listed above.

Director:  £108.00 – £135.00 per hour
Paralegal:  £55.00 – £75.00 per hour
Assistant:  £30.00 – £55.00 per hour

The hourly rates charged will reflect the complexity or otherwise of the matter, the level of responsibility carried and the urgency or otherwise of the work that is done. The rate will be agreed at the outset. 

However, we are happy to discuss the possibility of a fixed fee rate for these services, or for certain stages in the case.

We will offer discounts for charity and voluntary organisations.

In all cases, we will provide an estimate of the expected total cost of the services agreed.

Disbursements and Expenses

In addition to charges for our own services, we will charge you for any fees paid to others (such as courts and government departments), and disbursements and expenses incurred in carrying out our work and providing the agreed service to you, including any ID verification costs.


We are not currently registered for VAT so will not charge VAT on our own fees. However, we will need to pass on to you the full cost, including VAT, of any fees paid to others, and disbursements and expenses incurred in carrying out our work.