30 September 2021

Day in the Life of a General Practice Assistant


Day in the Life of Grace, our General Practice Assistant

I’m here to discuss a typical day in my life working as Pro-law’s General Practice Assistant.

To start the day, I normally catch up on my emails from the last week, as I only work once a week! I respond to anything that I can do quickly. We normally then have a team meeting at 10am which is a good opportunity to discuss matters that have progressed in the last week and for us to discuss what tasks I can complete that day to assist the team productively.

One thing that I often take the lead on is writing editorials for marketing purposes. This involves researching the content for the editorial. The latest piece I did was on succession planning for a business. I did some initial research, then talked this through with Ian. I then draft the editorial and get Ian to tweak it before it gets sent off to the local paper. This has been a big driver of business for the firm and proves how beneficial marketing is. I have also created content for the website, such as jargon busters and FAQs.

I often undertake research or review case files for both Ian and Koren to assist them with their caseload. This increases the overall productivity of the firm, and enhances my legal research skills, which is always useful! A typical part of both Koren and Ian’s day is to use draft template letters, for ease when communicating with clients. I created a bank of these when I first started at Pro-law which really helped to improve my letter writing skills.

I am also involved in project development plans that the firm has. This includes planning presentations to deliver to the local community of careers with the law, developing law school junior taster sessions and liaising with other legal figures in the region to improve access to the law. In addition, I was involved with our application to hire a trainee under the Government funded Kickstart Scheme. This has now resulted in Samantha joining our team!

As you can tell, ironically, there hasn’t really been a typical day in this job! However, this variety is part of the reason I enjoy it so much!