27 March 2024

The Digital Workplace: The Pros and Cons From a Client’s Perspective

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The Digital Workplace: The pros and cons from a client’s perspective!

In today’s evolving business, you will have felt there is a shift towards more digital working. Technology has changed the way we work, offering flexibility, efficiency, and connectivity. However, there are both pros and cons to this change.

In this blog we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of digital working from a client’s perspective.


Accessibility and convenience
Digital working takes away the geographical barriers, meaning that clients can access services and interact with businesses from anywhere in the world. Submitting documents, scheduling appointments, or communicating with professionals; clients can enjoy the convenience and accessibility through digital platforms.

Efficiency and speed
By using digital tools and automation, it enables businesses to streamline processes, in turn accelerating turnaround times, creating a faster and more efficient service to clients. Some tasks that once required a few days (or event weeks!) can now be completed in a matter of hours, enhancing overall productivity and client satisfaction.

Enhanced communication
Digital working enables us to work with various channels such as email, video conferencing and project management platforms. File-sharing capabilities can help with any swift decision making which otherwise would take days or even weeks with exchanging of letters.

Cost savings
Digital working enables the costs associated with large office spaces and travel expenses, to become lower, meaning savings for both businesses and clients.


Security concerns
Clients may be apprehensive about sharing sensitive information online. Ensuring that there are robust security measures and compliance standards is essential to help with those client concerns and build trust with them.

Technology limitations
Not all clients have access to technology leading to accessibility issues. Therefore, it is important that businesses work to accommodate clients with their varying needs. At Pro-law we are willing to work at no extra charge to the best way to suit our clients whether that digitally, in person or via paper.

Reduced personal interaction
Whilst digital communication gives convenience and efficiency it does lack that personal touch of seeing someone face to face. Some clients prefer traditional methods and feel alienated or disconnected where a purely digital environment is used. This is why it is important to work to the clients needs.

Technical challenges
Unfortunately digital working does come with its technical glitches, system outages or software failures, although this is rare. Whilst it may be frustrating for businesses and clients, it is important that clients are kept up to date if there are any technical issues that will impact the service they receive.

At Pro-law we are moving towards a more digital way of working, however we understand this does not work for all of our clients. If you would rather stick to traditional methods then we are more than happy to do this, at no extra cost.